Can we file revised return of income after receiving intimation U/s.143(1) ?

The Hon’ble Gujarat High court held in the case of SR koshti vs CIT 276 ITR 165 that the assessee can file a revised return even after receipt of intimation U/s.143(1)

Again, The Hon’ble Gujarat High court in the case of CIT vs Himagiri foods ltd 333 ITR 508 held that the Assessing officer must amend his intimation u/s.143(1) by considering the revised return filed.

Hon’ble Supreme court in the case of ACIT vs Rajesh javeri Stock Brokers (p) ltd in 291 ITR 500 held that, even though notice u/s.143(1) is deemed to be the Notice u/s.156, it cannot be taken as assessment order.

As you can see the law is in favor of assessee, You can apply the provisions of U/s.154 and 139(5) which ever suits you to the facts of the case, Whether to file a rectification or file a revised return, decision can be taken accordingly.


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