Identify Potential case for Income Tax Declaration Scheme – CBDT

F. No. DGIT(S)/ADG(S)-2/IDS/128/2016-17/ Dated 5.07.2016
The Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax (CCA),

Ahmedabad/Bangalore/Bhopal/Bhubaneswar/Chandigarh/Chennai/Delhi /Guwahati/
Hyderabad/ Jaipur/Kochi/Kolkata/Kanpur/Lucknow/Nagpur/Mumbai/Patna/Pune
The Commissioner of Income tax (Computer Operations & Admn)

Subject: Useful information for Income Declaration Scheme, 2016

Kindly recall the video conference held on 2.07.2016 wherein useful information available in Systems was discussed.

2. The following types of valuable information is available in various modules.

Non-PAN AIR transactions
3. AIR transactions not containing valid PAN have been disseminated to the PCsIT based on the Pincode mapping (At present 17321 out of 19722 pincodes have been mapped to a specific PCIT). These transactions can be accessed in the EFS module (EFS>CIB>AIR Process>Disseminate NON-PAN AIR/Error Log Transaction). Functionality has been provided to query/filter, sort, assign and download data. (refer EFS Instruction 50 dated 8.2015). The number of non-PAN transactions disseminated to each PCIT according to present mapping is enclosed in Annexure A to this letter. All the PCsIT in the Annexure may be instructed to access and download data. The status of download of this non-PAN data will be reviewed during the video conference on 9.7.2016.

4. The current Pincode to PCIT mapping dictionary and EFS instruction is available on i-taxnet (Resources4 Downloads 4 Systems 4ITD Instructions –Instruction — EFS/C1B). The PCCsIT are requested to review the pincode to PCIT mapping and communicate modification in the dictionary as well as default PCIT code for the pincodes which are not mapped to any PCIT at

5. A new functionality is being developed on e-filing portal to enable taxpayers to own up the non-PAN data. Further instructions on template of letter to be issued and other details will be communicated later this week.
Non-filers with potential tax liabilities

6. It is seen that a large number of non-filers relating to AY 2010-11 onwards identified in various NMS cycles have not filed return/ submitted response and these cases have not been closed by the field formations. These open cases are available on i-taxnet(NMS cycle 1 and 2) and Actionable Information Monitoring System (AIMS) (NMS cycle 3 and 4). This information can be used by selecting the assigned priority (P1 to P5). Recently, 2769 cases for consideration of prosecution under section 276CC have also been pushed in the AIMS module (refer EFS Instruction 55 dated 23.3.2015).

Penny Stock Cases
7. The list of cases related to penny stock transactions, pertaining to AY 2009-10 to AY 2013-14 with P1 and P2 priority, has been made available under Actionable Information Monitoring System (AIMS) (Path: ITD–) EFS C1B-)AIMS). The case type for such cases is “Transactions related to Penny stock”. (EFS Instruction 54 dated 21.3.2016 and 53 dated 3.2015). A new feature to display action taken by Investigation wing has been added on ITS (EFS Instruction 57 dated 23.5.2015).

8. The availability of above information may be brought to the knowledge of field Formation. The EFS instructions can be downloaded from i-taxnet (Resources Downloads Systems Instructions 4Instruction –EFS/CIB).

9. All the above modules have in-built activity tracking and MIS generation which can be used for effective supervisory monitoring.

Yours faithfully,
(Aditya Vikram)
Pr. DGIT (Systems)
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