How to get your PAN online

One of the problems that individuals face when completing tax requirements is that they have to sign a lot of physical papers and this takes up a lot of time. Now the winds of change have started to blow through the tax process also and while fling returns online has become easy. The ease is now being extended to other areas. Even the process of applying for a Permanent Account Number (PAN) can be done online and this can be authenticated using Aadhar. This will provide ease of completing the process for a lot of people and here are details related to the operation of this route.

Permanent Account Number

PAN is a tax number that has to be quoted at the time of undertaking any tax transaction and now it is increasingly finding use elsewhere. The government has made it mandatory for quoting of PAN while undertaking several purchases that are above a certain financial limit. This makes the importance of having a PAN far more than earlier and this also means that a larger number of people have to apply for PAN to ensure that they have it for use. The use of the number is likely to increase in scope in the coming days and hence this is something that needs to be present for everyone.


The process of applying for PAN till now involved filling up a form and then pasting photographs plus submission of the documents in support of the application. This would then be checked by the tax authorities and the number would then be allotted. There was no process that was fully online in the sense that even if one went online and filled in the details they still had to send a physical copy to the tax office which in effect nullified the entire process of going online and completing the requirements.


One of the aspects of the entire application that required the physical presence was the sign of the applicant and this is a big part of the PAN process. The signature appears on the PAN card too and has to be used for signing the income tax return too. However the return filing process has been moving towards a digital era with first the use of digital signature and now with the authentication using Aadhar. The same process of using Aadhar has now been extended to the PAN application process. This makes the process easier to complete as there are some additional benefits to using Aadhar. Earlier the use of digital signature was enabled for the PAN application but the usage of Aadhar signature use has something that is additional. The proof of address and identity can also be completed using Aadhar and hence this aids in a multiple of areas.


The process for applying for PAN using Aadhar e signature is not very difficult. One has to log in to the website of either of the two entities NSDL or UTITSL which issue PAN and then fill in the details online. Along with this Aadhar can be used for the various requirements like proof of identity and address and the signature. There is one additional thing that the applicant needs to do digitally and this is to upload a scanned photo along with the scanned copy of the Aadhar card. This will complete the basic requirements and once the fees are paid the application will be processed. If all the required details are appropriate and these are provided in the application then the PAN will be generated. This is a far simpler way of applying for the number as compared to the physical process that most people use.